Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley Attack Rey Mysterio At Thanksgiving

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley crashed the Mysterio family’s Thanksgiving.

Dominik and Rhea would show up uninvited to the Mysterio family house during Thanksgiving, much to the anger of Dominik’s mother Angie, who initially answered the door. Angie objected to Dominik and Rhea coming to the house, and closed the door on them. Rey Mysterio would then open the door, again asking the couple to leave. As Rey went to close the door, Rhea Ripley would barge the door open, knocking Rey to the ground.

Dominik would then go on to beat up Rey, then going with Rhea to look at family photos of the Mysterio family. Both Rhea would then target Rey’s injured foot before eventually leaving.

This is the first time that Rey and Dominik Mysterio have interacted since October. On October 15th, Rey Mysterio was moved full time to the SmackDown roster, stating to Triple H that he does not want to fight his son. Rey Mysterio has not been seen on WWE TV for a number of weeks due to an injured right foot, which can be seen in an air boot on the attack video.

Featured image: WrestleZone

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