Return Of Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks Teased On AEW Dynamite

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks may be returning to AEW screens in the near future.

A video aired during the October 26th edition of AEW Dynamite, The video would see various clips of Omega and The Young Bucks throughout the history of AEW. The clips would then pause as the members of The Elite would be erased from the video, with their voices also being faded out.

This is the first time that Kenny Omega or The Young Bucks have been officially referenced on AEW TV since the now infamous post All Out backstage altercation took place. The Elite would confront CM Punk following Punk’s negative comments about various members of the AEW roster during the All Out media scrum.

The last appearance by The Elite was also at All Out, where Omega and The Young Bucks were crowned the first ever AEW Trios Champions. The next episode of Dynamite would see AEW President Tony Khan vacate both the AEW Trios Championships and the AEW World Championship, which was held at the time by CM Punk.

Featured image: Inside The Ropes

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