Saraya On Talk Is Jericho: Podcast Recap

Recent AEW signee Saraya was a recent guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk is Jericho. On the show, they discussed how conversations with Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley led to Saraya signing with All Elite Wrestling. They also discuss fighting the WWE Twitch ban, Saraya’s current neck health, dream matches in AEW and more.

On the journey to AEW:

Yeah, so I because people ask all the time, they’re like, so how did that come about and stuff like that. I was like, you know what? It’s a mixture between Jericho and Mox and they were calling me about it. And I was like, that was so awesome. And they said you’re just going to be happy and you know, because it was like a mixture. I was like what do we do? Do I do WWE? Or do I go to AEW? And I was just like, I just feel like I’m at the stage in my life where I’ve done so much with WWE, and I’m thankful for that. But AEW is just this company where there’s just so much behind the scenes that people don’t see. And I just feel like there’s like this camaraderie, if that’s the right word, and it’s so relaxed back there, too. But I was just really excited to try something so new. And then like with a division that’s completely new too. As much as I love the girls, like I just saw Charlotte there just literally minutes before I got here. And I was like, I miss you, ladies. But I’m so excited to be in such a fresh, you know.

On helping the AEW women’s division:

Yeah, exactly. And when I spoke to, again, you and Mox, and I’m Britt actually, and they were just like, you know, this division is a wonderful division. But like, we can make it even more special. And so coming in, like, maybe we can shake things up and change things and maybe just start, you know, rebranding it and making it even just bigger. And I was like, I would love to be a part of that, 1,000%. Because I felt like I was, I felt like I was a helping hand in the WWE one. So it was like, You know what, like, I would love to be able to do that over an AEW too.

On Saraya’s first promo in AEW:

I hadn’t wrestled in years, but I hadn’t been in the wrestling ring actually just doing a promo. So my promo last week, I was not happy with, I feel like I sh*t the bed a little bit. But I was so consumed with nerves because I haven’t been in the ring for so long. And in front of wrestling fans. So everyone was happy the first week and then they realised like I was actually here and I was staying here. And they just turned against me and I was like what is happening. I feel like I’m just like dodging bullets from all these like, crazy fans. But at the same time, I’m like, it’s online. It’s not real.

On the line ‘I have a boss that listens to me’:

Well, they call us traitors and stuff like that. But I’m like, well they didn’t renew my contract, I don’t know what to tell you. Like you know what I mean? So it’s not as if I just left the company, like we left on good terms, and it is what it is. But like, I feel like people should be happy that there’s other companies out there that are just as big and getting bigger and stuff. And there’s so many different places that all your favourites could potentially go, you know, and build a career, you’re not having to just focus on one company anymore. And I just feel like this is wonderful. And then they were mad at me because I said a boss that listens to me about like the division because, you know, Hunter listened to me, you know, he always did, he was always wonderful. That’s why I like working with him in NXT. And he’s the one that helped me when I first got to the main roster. But it can get a little frustrating at times being there, as you know, you know, you feel like you’re throwing ideas and stuff like that, and you see what sticks, and then you end up just sitting in catering or you end up sitting at home, and that’s the thing that became really frustrating. Whereas, you know, I threw an idea at Tony and straightaway, he was just like this, give it a try. Like, you know, they can either, like hate it, but we’ll give it a try. You know, and I really appreciate that. So I said that in a promo like, Alright, a boss that listens to me. Oh, it’s the worst thing I ever said. It’s like I literally came over to their house and set their family on fire. It was like the worst thing ever. I was like, oh my god, you guys need to chill, it’s not that deep.

On the match that ended Saraya’s WWE career:

I had issues prior to that. So I had like the surgery beforehand. And this is a thing where I wish I took better care of myself because WWE were excited to have me back, which is awesome. And that was after all that bullsh*t that I went through, whether  it was drugs and like a public relationship at the time. And just, it was a whole f*cking mess. And so it was and then the movie came out, but then the videos also came out around that time, too. So I was just like, man, so I came back after that. And I was excited to be back in the ring again. So I always do all the Live Events Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. But the producers at the time were just like, hey, you should be taking the comeback. And I’m like, do you think I should be taking the come back because I just had this neck surgery? And they were just like, well, you have Mandy and Sonya and they are too new. And I’m like, well I feel like this is the perfect time for them to take that bumps and start, you know, getting used to being in the ring and stuff like that. But in the end, I was like all right, because I didn’t want to like you know, I just came back and I was a heel in those matches, so it was taking all the comebacks and stuff like that. So I was just like, I’ll do it, because, you know, I already went through all that public stuff. And like, I don’t want to push my you know, yeah, yeah. So I was like, Yeah, but I was back for a couple of months. And I did a match with the same group. Bayley we did it the day before, she kicked me in the back and it was fine. Then just something was just a little bit, and that’s all it takes is someone to be a little tiny bit off. And yeah, my neck just freakin snapped back like I was in a car crash and then I was like paralysed for like, a couple of minutes, which is the most, like terrible, terrifying, terrifying. Oh my gosh, I just had a brain fart, terrifying thing. And then I just remember laying down I didn’t cry, but I knew instantly I was just like this is it. Like I’m done. Like, I’m toast right? And I look over and I see Sasha, Bailey and there’s Mickie James and everyone, they were just like, crying. I look at Mandy and Sonya and they’re all crying. I wasn’t crying, which is like the weirdest part. So then they start bringing the stretcher out and I was like no, I’m not gonna get on that thing, there’s no way. So I waited for my feeling to come back or up and then went backstage and Bray was back there too. And he’s so sweet. The first thing you did just give me a big hug and was like you okay, you know. And they all rushed into the doctor’s office with me and I got sent to Pittsburgh. The next day, checked my neck, and they were just like, there’s no way you can wrestle anymore. And I was like, and then I had to keep a secret. But the one thing that I appreciate about Vince is that not all women get to have a goodbye in the ring promo, you know, and he let me do that. And it was like a special moment too, because I debuted at New Orleans. And then I was gonna retire in New Orleans right after Wrestlemania. So I was just like, this is a special moment, but I had to keep it secret for like six months, you know? And so, yeah, so long story short again, I was happy beforehand.

On the WWE Twitch ban:

But I ended up sitting in my house for like three or four years. And that’s the most depressing thing because you just feel like, you’re completely useless. And then you can’t go and do anything else. Because, you know, you’re under a contract where, like, even though you’re an independent contractor, you still have to get permission to do stuff. And then it would get turned down, you know, and it used to really just get to me a lot. And I never used to be vocal about it until they tried to take my Twitch away. And I was just like, there’s absolutely no f*cking way you’re gonna take my Twitch away from me. And I remember Vince’s assistant called me at the time. And he only did one phone call, and he was just like, well, like ‘You need to give us a percentage of this, or…’ I was just like, no. It wasn’t Vince because if I spoke to Vince, he would have been way more chill about it, I believe. But like his assistant just had a f*cking stick up his ass dude.

On Saraya’s neck health currently:

It’s good. Yeah, I feel really healthy and my neck feels fantastic. And I would definitely want to take it slower this time around, you know, if there was any physicality and stuff like that, I just want to really take care of my body. Because as much as I want to rush into doing all these different matches, I know what happened last time, right. So I just want to take it as slow as possible.

On AEW dream matches:

Britt 100%. I know like, you know, she gets used a lot, but she’s really good. You know, and I really want to get in the ring with Nyla. And I love Sonny. I know she’s working in the male division right now, but I would love to work her eventually. And then I feel like Jade looks really impressive. And I’m not really familiar with her wrestling style as much yet because she’s so new, but I’m looking forward to seeing where she goes. And then Jamie Hayter. I think she’s fantastic, I really do. And the people love her, I was like, they really want her to be babyface. But I’m like you should keep this going for a long time. You know what I mean? But so yeah, there’s so many different women like I look forward to working with.

On possibly re-joining WWE:

Yeah, I was like thinking about it. I was just like, okay, because, again, I don’t have issues with WWE. I just wish that some things were done differently. And that’s the only thing I have against them is just there’s so many years where I could have been utilised more. And that’s the thing that really just, I mean, my friends are around me [knew] that I was just so depressed about it. You know, Ronnie was always trying to, he would put me in his music videos and stuff like that to try and like give me something you know, it was really sweet. And but um, yeah, like I wasn’t I wasn’t thinking about going back there. And then I spoke to you. I spoke to Mox I was speaking to Britt and then got on the phone with Tony, and he was so excited. And I was just like, You know what, like, Yeah, I think I’m gonna give this, give it a shot.

Featured image: AEW

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