Seth Rollins Wins United States Championship On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins is the United States Champion for a second time, winning the title from now former champion Bobby Lashley.

The match took place on the October 10th Season Premiere episode of Raw. Prior to the match, Bobby Lashley was in the ring, but was first met with a surprise return by Brock Lesnar. Lesnar would hit Lashley with 2 F5’s and a Kimura Lock, nearly breaking Lashley’s arm in the process.

Despite the attack, Rollins, who was taped up following the Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules, demanded the title opportunity. Rollins insulted Lashley enough to make the match official.

Rollins would hit Lashley with multiple high impact moves, with multiple stomps winning the match and the title for The Visionary.

Following the result, it appears that Lashley and Lesnar are on course for another clash at the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event on November 5th.

Featured image: WWE

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