WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Review

Extreme Rules took place on Saturday October 8th. The show featured 6 matches, with every one having a stipulation attached.

The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium – Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match:

The match started out hot and got the crowd fired up for the rest of the night. All 6 men have great chemistry together, with the various interactions all providing entertaining and unique spots. Considering this was a match where weapons were allowed, the use of weapons was limited. The crowd did come alive to see Gunther driven through the announce table.The match was won by The Brawling Brutes ***1/2 

Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey – Extreme Rules match:

Rousey started off the match toying with Morgan. Morgan would try and utilise a baseball bat, but was quickly neutralised. Both competitors kept going back to the bat as their weapon of choice. There were some unlucky points where furniture did not cooperate that made parts of the match stall. Rousey would win the match by making Liv Morgan Pass out **½

Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross – Strap match:

Kross would stall and refused to wear the strap, taking advantage of McIntyre being distracted by Scarlett. McIntyre was driven into the post repeatedly, with the left shoulder being targeted. Both men would not hold back with ther strap shots, but the crowd were quiet for the majority of it. The numbers game would ultimately be too much for McIntyre, as Scarlett used pepper spray on McIntyre, allowing Kross to hit the Kross hammer and be victorious. **

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley – Ladder match for the Raw Women’s Championship:

Both superstars went for ladders quickly, looking to get the quick victory. Belair showed good athleticism with backflips and a moonsault onto Bayley onto the ladder. Belair looked like she had the match won, but IYO SKY and Dakota Kai would prevent Belair from grabbing the title. Belair would then hit a double KOD onto Damage CTRL. Belair would ultimately hit a KOD on Bayley onto a ladder, and would then climb the ladder to retain the championship. ****

Edge vs. Finn Balor – “I Quit” match:

The match started off slow with early asking of stopping the match for both superstars. Edge would drive Balor through the barricade, with the action spilling into the crowd. Balor would be thrown onto the pre-show table and the fight would continue up to the crowd 1st level. Balor would take control again, before throwing Edge back to the ringside area. The match had too many instances of asking either superstar to quit, slowing the pace and quieting the crowd down. Damien Priest and Dominik Mysterio would interfere, but Edge would spear Balor through the outside onto The Judgment Day. Edge set up for a spear, but Ripley would handcuff Edge to the ropes. Rey Mysterio would temporarily even the odds, but was also taken out by The Judgment Day. Beth Phoenix would chase off Balor and Priest, before standing off against Rhea Ripley. Phoenix would free Edge from the handcuffs, with Edge hitting multiple spears on Balor. Ripley took out Phoenix, with Balor hitting 3 coup de graces on Edge. Ripley teased hitting Beth Phoenix with a con-chair-to, forcing Edge to quit. Ripley still hit Phoenix with the chair after the match was over. **** 

Seth Rollins vs. Riddle – Fight Pit match:

Both men worked the MMA style well with a feeling out process at the start. Riddle would take control by using a jumping attack from the side of the cage. Daniel Cormier would drag Riddle off of Rollins, to which Rollins would take advantage. Cormier would later drag Rollins off of Riddle. Riddle would hit an RKO, Rollins would hit a stomp, with both men rising before the 10 count. For some reason, Cormier delayed the count on Riddle. Rollins would climb to the platform on top of the pit, to which Riddle would follow. Following an exchange on the platform, Rollins hot a Pedigree on top of the platform. Riddle would hit an RKO, with Rollins rolling to the mat. Riddle would hit a floating bro from the top of the pit to the floor. Riddle would then apply a triangle choke to force Rollins to tap out. ***1/2

Featured image: WWE

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