Bray Wyatt Makes WWE Return At Extreme Rules

Bray Wyatt made a surprise return to WWE at the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event.

The show appeared to come to a close after the Fight Pit main event, with the closing image being the copyright logo on screen with Matt Riddle and Daniel Cormier. The lights would then go out to a massive ovation from the live crowd.

As the Philadelphia crowd lit up their phones, Bray Wyatt singing ‘The Whole World In His Hands’ could be heard over the speakers. Various familiar characters from the Firefly Fun House had come to life and were seen in the crowd, before the camera cut to a door, which led the camera to the Firefly Fun House set, which was covered in cobwebs.

Back in the arena, the door opened and a familiar lantern appeared, held by a figure in a new mask. The mask was removed to be revealed to be Bray Wyatt as the show went off the air.

The appearance brings to conclusion the multiple white rabbit teases that were played throughout Raw and SmackDown in previous weeks, with various QR codes hinting at Wyatt’s return. This is Bray Wyatt’s first appearance in WWE in over a year, with the former WWE Champion being released on July 31st 2021. Following the release, apart from a few cryptic tweets, Wyatt has not been seen on TV in wrestling or any other capacity.

Featured image: WWE

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