Chris Jericho Wins Ring Of Honor World Championship

Chris Jericho is the new Ring of Honor World Champion, winning the title by defeating Claudio Castagnoli at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam.

The ROH Title match opened the September 21st episode of Dynamite. Jericho would frequently use underhanded tactics to gain an advantage, at one point using Ring of Honor legend Cary Silkin as a shield to protect himself from Castagnoli.

Castagnoli would out-wrestle Jericho, utilising uppercuts, the swing and the sharpshooter to try to pick up the victory. The closing moments of the match would see Jericho try to use the baseball bat, but was stopped by Castagnoli. As the referee was in the corner, Jericho would hit a low blow and the Judas Effect elbow to win the match and the championship.

The victory marks Jericho’s 8th World Championship in his illustrious career. Jericho is a 1 time AEW World Champion, 1 time Undisputed WWF Champion, 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time WCW World Champion and now a 1 time and current Ring of Honor World Champion.

Featured image: AEW

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