WarGames Matches To Take Place At Survivor Series

WWE have announced that the 2022 Survivor Series Premium Live Event will see WarGames matches take place for the first time on the main roster, the Survivor Series taking place on Saturday November 26th.

The news was announced by WWE on Monday September 19th, with the article stating that both Men’s and Women’s WarGames matches will be taking place on the show. WarGames matches have been seen multiple times in NXT, traditionally taking place at the TakeOver event of the same name around the same time as WWE would present Survivor Series.

WarGames matches see two rings side by side and surrounded by a steel cage. Two teams compete in the match, with one member from each team starting the match. At set intervals, alternate members from each team will enter the match until all competitors are inside the cage. Then from that point, the first pinfall or submission will win the match for the competitors respective team.

The presenting of Survivor Series with WarGames matches breaks the tradition of the previous few years, where WWE have seen champions from each brand collide and members from Raw and SmackDown rosters competing in traditional Survivor Series elimination matches to battle for brand supremacy.

Featured image: WWE

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