Jon Moxley Crowned Undisputed AEW World Champion

Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley defeated Linear AEW World Champion CM Punk on the August 24th Dynamite to be crowned the Undisputed AEW World Champion.

Moxley would receive a hometown hero welcome from the Cleveland crowd, while Punk would receive a more mixed response. Both men would heat the other with a flurry of strikes after the opening bell. Punk would then hit Moxley with a roundhouse kick, but would then go to the ground in pain clutching the foot.

Moxley would then take advantage of CM Punk, targeting the foot and hitting two Death Riders to win the match via pinfall. Mox celebrated with both titles as CM Punk was checked on by the AEW medical staff. Moxley would then go to celebrate with the AEW fans as CM Punk was helped to the back.

The victory continues the reign as AEW World Champion for Jon Moxley, who is now no longer the Interim World Champion. After the match, Mox would appear in a backstage segment to address the victory. Mox stated that no one should be surprised by the shock result, and that no once can do what he can do.

Featured image: WrestleTalk

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