Logan Paul Comments On Table Spot At SummerSlam

Logan Paul has commented on delivering a huge frog splash to The Miz at SummerSlam.

The closing moments of the clash between The A Lister and the YouTube star would see Miz placed on top of the announcers table. Paul would then leap from the top rope to the outside and deliver a big frog splash onto The Miz and send both crashing through the table.

Speaking on The ImPaulsive Podcast, Logan Paul has stated that the spot would make or break his career, and that he couldn’t believe that he nailed the spot:

“When I was jumping off that pylon onto the table, I had one thought before I made the final leap. I’m looking around at this stadium and I’m like ‘This is it. This is a moment that can make or break a career like if that what he can do what he is capable of’. And I go ‘My life’s been going so good, I did great at WrestleMania, I’m gonna jump and break both of my femurs right now. This is the end of my career. Fuck it.’. Then I just fucking nailed it, I couldn’t believe it bro.”

Despite the rivalry onscreen, Logan Paul has respect for The Miz. The YouTube star would praise the former WWE Champion for being a team player:

“I gotta give a shout out to Mike The Miz, my opponent and at one point my mentor, who I did beat last night. I’m 2-0, I’m winning something. I’m winning a combat sport. He allows me to shine and he’s not afraid to and a lot of veterans, for the new guy, I can’t imagine that’s always easy. He understands what it takes to make the organization great. He’s a team player and I love Mike The Miz for that. Thank you,”

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: WWE

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