Triple H Discusses His First Week In Charge Of WWE Creative

Triple H has detailed what the challenge that has been his first week in charge of WWE creative.

The Game, who was recently named the new head of WWE creative, hosted a media scrum ahead of SummerSlam, which will be taking place on Saturday July 30th. When asked by Inside The Ropes about the new role and taking over from Vince McMahon, Triple H stated that there are big shoes to fill, but he is “Hell-bent on doing it.” The 14 time World Champion also went into detail about the new gruelling schedule:

“Yeah, no, that’s a challenge, yeah, believe me. I’ve spent half my time on the ground and half my time in the air in the last few days.

We finished TV, we was home for a little bit, flew out here [to Nashville], my kid’s birthday’s in the middle, flew out here, came to day one of tryouts, when it was over [I] flew home, had meetings late into the night with our partners, had a board meeting in the morning, flew back here yesterday afternoon, finished the last half of the tryout, was working on the shows all night long, and I’m not complaining about it.

I love it, and everybody here is working just as hard as I am. Like I said, it’s going to take all of us to fill a big pair of shoes, but we’re hell-bent on doing it.”

The “Big shoes” that Triple H referenced multiple times in the media scrum were in reference to the previous Head Of WWE Creative, Vince McMahon. The former CEO recently announced his retirement from WWE, relinquishing all roles within WWE.

H/t to Inside The Ropes for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: WWE

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