WWE Superstars To Be Featured In Fall Guys Videogame

Battle Royal videogame Fall Guys has announced a collaboration with WWE in the lead up to SummerSlam. The announcement by Fall Guys states that Asuka, Xavier Woods and The Undertaker will all be playable characters available to purchase from July 28th through to August 1st.

The press release from Fall Guys is as follows:

If you’ve ever wanted to body slam in the Blunderdome, now is your chance. We’re goin’ against a triple threat of Champions—all successfully Beanified for Fall Guys.

In one corner we have ASUKA

In the other corner we have XAVIER WOODS

In the other corner (this metaphor is not going well) we have UNDERTAKER.

They’re all available on the Fall Guys store from July 28th to August 1st. Can you take the heavyweight title and claim all three Championship titles?

Fall Guys is a free to play, cross-platform game where up to 50 players start. The players, who compete as beans with equally matched ability, compete in a series of individual and team games where either a select number of players or the whole team is eliminated. The winner of the series of games wins a crown to signify the victory.

Featured image: Mediatonic

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