The Miz vs. Logan Paul Made Official For SummerSlam

It has been officially announced by WWE that The Miz vs. Logan Paul will be taking place at SummerSlam.

The Miz hosted Miz TV in the main event segment of the July 18th edition of Monday Night Raw. The former WWE Champion would introduce the YouTube star, who came out to a mixed reception from the WWE Universe in Tampa, Florida.

Logan Paul would remind The Miz of the WrestleMania betrayal, which is what motivated Paul to sign a WWE contract and face The Miz at SummerSlam.

The Miz claimed that he was protecting Logan Paul at WrestleMania a they were part of a tag team, and that the YouTube star would not survive solo in the ring. Initially, The Miz would deny the SummerSlam challenge, but Logan would ridicule the size of Miz’s balls in response. This angered The Miz enough to accept the challenge for a match at SummerSlam.

The updated card for SummerSlam is as follows:

Featured image: WWE

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