Nikkita Lyons Return To NXT Announced

Nikkita Lyons will be returning to NXT on the June 28th edition of the brand.

A return vignette played on June 21st, promoting the return of the rising star. Lyons stated that once she was cleared from the leg injury, there will not be a warm up match or easing her way back in. Nikkita Lyons then gave the women’s locker room 1 week’s notice.

Nikkita Lyons has been one of the rising stars of the NXT Women’s division, being on an undefeated streak since her debut back in February. Lyons was last seen competing in the first ever Women’s Breakout Tournament. However, due to a partial MCL tear and sprain, Lyons was side-lined and removed in the tournament.

Featured image: WWE

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