What Happened When Vince McMahon Appeared On SmackDown

Vince McMahon appeared live on WWE SmackDown to address the WWE Universe.

It was announced ahead of time that Mr. McMahon would be appearing live on SmackDown earlier in the day. The announcement of the appearance came shortly after the news broke that Vince McMahon would be stepping down as CEO from WWE, with his daughter Stephanie taking on the duties of the role in the interim. The reason for the shift in management is due to alleged allegations made against both McMahon and WWE head of talent relations John Laurinaitis.

McMahon appeared on the cold open of SmackDown as the iconic “No Chance In Hell” music hit. The chairman got a mixed reaction, with many not singing along to the entrance music. Mr. McMahon said the following:

“It is a privilege, as always, to stand before you tonight, the WWE Universe. Especially to stand before you in this ring in Minnesota. May I just remind you of those 4 words you just saw, and they are the WWE’s signature. Those 4 words are Them Now, Forever, and the most important word, Together. Welcome to SmackDown.”

McMahon’s music would then hit as the former CEO shook hands with some members of the WWE Universe as the segment ended. Once again, a mixed reaction was received by the WWE Universe, with many expecting more given the current circumstances.

The backstage reaction to the opening segment has not been well received, according to a report by Fightful Select. It has been noted that the phrase “Business as usual” was used backstage constantly, and few knew what McMahon was going to say. Various reactions to the promo include “enraged” and “tone deaf and embarrassing.”

Featured image: WWE

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