Cody Rhodes Defeats Seth Rollins In Hell In A Cell Match

Cody Rhodes is now 3 and 0 over Seth Rollins following a victory in a Hell in a Cell match at the Premium Live Event of the same name.

Prior to the show, it looked like the match was not actually going to take place. WWE reported on social media that Cody Rhodes had suffered a partially torn right pectoral while brawling with Seth Rollins on the go-home Raw. While training for the Hell in a Cell match, the tendon was described as being torn completely off the bone.

Cody’s chest looked badly bruised at the start of the match. Rollin’s would add to the pain with psychological mind games, coming to the ring in black and yellow ring gear, reminiscent of Cody’s late father Dusty Rhodes. As Cody Rhodes removed his entrance jacket, the bruise was zoomed in on and Seth Rollins smiled at the injured chest.

Seth Rollins would target the injury early on in the match, repeatedly using a kendo stick to attack the bruise. The Visionary would then continue the mind games, pulling out a polka dot weight belt from under the ring and proceed to whip Rhodes with it while wearing the entrance jacket of The American Nightmare.

Rollins would miss a frog splash through a table to allow Rhodes to take advantage. Rhodes would go to the outside to pull out a gym bag that contained a cowbell and rope. The American Nightmare challenged The Visionary to tie himself to the rope, to which The Visionary accepted.

Rollins would then take the brutality to the next level by bringing a sledgehammer from under the ring. However, Rhodes would counter this by hitting a Pedigree onto Rollins for a nearfall.

The ending of the match would see both men fight for control of the sledgehammer, which was initially grabbed by Rollins, but Rhodes would hit 2 Cross Rhodes in quick succession instead. Rhodes would then strike Rollins with the sledgehammer to be victorious. The victory now means that Cody Rhodes has defeated Seth Rollins in 3 straight Premium Live Event matches. The first being Cody Rhode’s return at WrestleMania 38, the second at WrestleMania Backlash and the third at Hell in a Cell.

Featured image: WWE

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