New North American Champion Crowned At NXT In Your House

Carmelo Hayes defeated Cameron Grimes to become a 2 time NXT North American Champion at the In Your House Premium Live Event.

The match started with both men trying to get the upper hand, but their offence was counters, resulting in a stalemate. Trick William, who accompanied Hayes to ringside, would provide both support to the new champion and would frequently distract the now former champion.

The match would eventually descend into big moves being hit onto each competitor. Most notably, Grimes hitting a middle rope Spanish Fly, which only got a 2 count.

The closing moments of the match would see Grimes dive to the outside to take out both Hayes and Williams. However, when Grimes attempted to get back into the ring, Williams would keep hold of Grimes’ leg. This allowed Carmelo Hayes to capitalise with a top rope leg drop to become victorious.

The victory marks Hayes second reign with the North American Championship. Carmelo Hayes previously won the title after defeating Isiah “Swerve” Scott in October 2021. Hayes earned the opportunity by being victorious in the NXT Breakout Tournament of 2021. Hayes would lose championship for a first time at Stand & Deliver, losing to Cameron Grimes in a multi man ladder match.

Featured image: WWE

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