The Usos Become Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions

The Usos defeated RK-Bro on the May 20th episode of SmackDown to become the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

The match took place in the main event of SmackDown. The closing moments of the match saw Riddle battling on the top rope with Jey Uso. Paul Heyman would distract the referee to allow Roman Reigns to provide interference. Reigns would push Riddle from the top rope, allowing Jey to hit a splash and pick up the pinfall victory.

Reigns looked pleased with the result, smiling at ringside as The Usos posed with all the tag team gold. The Tribal Chief then quickly turned his attention to RK-Bro, launching an attack on Randy Orton and Riddle. The Bloodline would go on to place Riddle onto the announcer’s table, with Jey Uso hitting another splash from the top rope onto Riddle through the table.

An update was posted on after SmackDown went off the air. The update states that Riddle has suffered a bruised hip and lower back as a result of the attack. Both Riddle and Randy Orton were said to be undergoing medical evaluations.

This victory now makes The Usos 8 time Tag Team Champions in WWE. This recent win also means that The Bloodline holds both major singles and tag team titles in WWE.

Featured image: WWE

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