Stephanie McMahon Announces A Leave Of Absence From WWE

Stephanie McMahon has announced a leave of absence from WWE, stating family commitments being the reason for this.

The announcement was made on McMahon’s social media on Thursday May 19th. The post also states that Stephanie McMahon will be returning to the company, but the date of return is yet to be confirmed.

Stephanie McMahon has held the role of Chief Brand Officer in WWE since 2013. Due to this new role, McMahon has mostly stepped away from on-screen appearances, mainly focusing on promoting the brand on other shows and working on behind the scenes promotions. Stephanie McMahon last competed in the ring at WrestleMania 34, where she teamed with her husband Triple H to face the team of Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle. The team of Rousey and Angle would be victorious in this match in what was Rousey’s first match for the company.

Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics has reported some updates regarding this announcement. Thurston has first stated that various employees in WWE were not informed ahead of time, instead finding out when the announcement was posted along with the general public. It is also understood that Nick Khan will be taking over duties in the absence of Stephine McMahon.

Features of Wrestling will provide updates when they become available.

Featured image: Variety

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