Alexa Bliss Returns To WWE & Sonya Deville Terminated As WWE Official

Alexa Bliss made her return to WWE on the May 9th edition of Monday Night Raw. Bliss returned to defeat Sonya Deville, who has now been relinquished of any powers as a WWE Official.

Prior to Sonya Deville’s match, the former WWE Official was seen backstage complaining to Adam Pearce about the investigation into her conduct by WWE higher ups. Before Pearce could respond, Deville would storm to the ring in frustration. As Sonya Deville was stood in the ring, Pearce would emerge onto the entrance ramp and reveal that the investigation had concluded. WWE management found that Deville frequently abused her power, and therefore the WWE Official contract was terminated. It was then stated that while no longer an official, Deville is still employed as a WWE Superstar. The ring announcer would then reveal that the mystery opponent was the returning Alexa Bliss.

Bliss came out to the ring with her old entrance music and attire, with the only reference to her former, darker character being a Lilly Doll, which the former Women’s Champion carried to the ring with her. Alexa Bliss would hit a DDT and the Twister Bliss onto Sonya Deville to pick up the quick victory. After the match, Deville was seen to be very angry following the defeat and the realisation that she would no longer be a WWE Official.

This is the first appearance on WWE TV for Alexa Bliss since competing at the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia back in February 2022. Bliss is also back on TV following her honeymoon, as the former champion recently got married to Ryan Cabrera.

Featured image: F4WOnline

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