Scorpio Sky Becomes Two Time TNT Champion

Scorpio Sky is now a two time TNT Champion after winning the title once again in the main event of AEW Dynamite.

Now former champion Sammy Guevara defended the title against Sky on the April 27th Dynamite in a ladder match. As has now been frequently seen in AEW ladder matches, there were multiple big bumps and memorable moments. Highlights of the match would include a cutter from the top of the ladder and a Spanish fly onto a second ladder which was wrapped in barbed wire.

Multiple interference spots were seen throughout the closing moments of the ladder match. Sammy Guevara’s girlfriend Tay Conti would provide the first interference, only to be neutralised by Paige VanZant. Both would continue to fight and interfere with each other and the competitors, including climbing on the back of their partner’s opponent’s to try and slow the climb. The end of the match would see Guevara looking to retain the title, but Sky would lift the ladder from underneath, sending The Spanish God crashing onto the barbed wire ladder. Sky then climbed the ladder and unhooked the title to become a 2 time TNT Champion.

This marks the end of a short title reign for Sammy Guevara, having only won the championship for a third time back on April 16th at Battle of the Belts 2.

Also on Dynamite, the first match for the Double or Nothing pay-per-view has been announced.

Featured image: SE Scoops

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