Veer Makes Long Awaited WWE Return

Veer Mahaan made his return to WWE on the Raw after WrestleMania.

The WWE Superstar appeared in front of the live crowd in Dallas to attack Rey and Dominik Mysterio on the April 4th episode. Dominik Mysterio had quickly lost to The Miz prior to the return.

The Miz quickly exited the ring following Veer’s return. Veer Mahaan would then kick Dominik Mysterio before turning his attention to Dom’s father Rey, who was driven through the canvas. Dominik was then placed in a cervical clutch as Rey tried but failed to free his son. Both Mysterios were left unconscious as Veer stood tall to end the segment.

The return of Veer has been promoted since it was announced that Mahaan was drafted to Raw back in November 2021. Multiple vignettes have aired stating that Veer is coming soon, but with no date announced until the Raw before WrestleMania. It was later announced on Raw that Rey Mysterio will be facing Veer in a match on the April 11th edition of Raw:

Veer was the second return on the Raw after WrestleMania, as the former Elias returned to the flagship brand with a new gimmick.

Featured image: WWE

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