Elias Returns To WWE With A New Look And New Name

The man formerly known as Elias made a return to WWE on the April 4th Raw after WrestleMania.

Following Kevin Owens losing to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the main event of WrestleMania 38 night one, Owens would appear live in front of the wild Raw after WrestleMania crowd. The former Universal Champion would go on to make excuses as to why he lost Austin, but then was interrupted by unfamiliar entrance music and the name “Ezekiel” on the titantron.

The man formerly known as Elias walked to the ring in pink and white trunks, with commentary acting like they did not know this superstar. It should be noted that one member of commentary team quietly asked ‘Is that Elias?’ during the entrance.

The Raw crowd instantly recognised the returning star, signing the ‘Walk With Elias’ song once the music faded. Kevin Owens also acknowledged that this was Elias, but instead the former drifter denied this. Elias stated that he was not Elias, but in fact Elias’ younger brother named Ezekiel.

Owen’s told Ezekiel that he had 10 second to exit the ring and initiated the countdown. However, when the countdown expired, Owens just exited the ring, leaving Ezekiel alone.

Featured image: WWE

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