Vince McMahon Wrestles And Wins At WrestleMania 38

Vince McMahon wrestled a match at WrestleMania 38, defeating Pat McAfee on the Sunday night of the Premium Live Event.

McMahon picked up the victory over Pat McAfee, who had just wrestled a match against Austin Theory, with McAfee being victorious over the Monday Night Raw star. After the match, the SmackDown commentator challenged the WWE Chairman to a match. The 76 year old McMahon accepted and the match was made official.

The match was a glorified handicap match as Austin Theory provided frequent interference. Mcmahon would kick a football into McAfee and pin the former punter to win the match. The victory marks McMahon’s first ever win at WrestleMania following multiple losses to legends over the years.

After that match, the glass shatter sound rang through AT&T Stadium as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin came to the ring for a second night. Austin made his way to the ring 24 hours after main eventing the previous night in what was Austin’s first match in 19 years. Austin would deliver a stunner to Theory before confronting McMahon. Following begging and pleading by the WWE Chairman, both Austin and McMahon would share a beer. However, as has been seen for over 20 years, Austin would once again deliver a stunner to his boss.

After McMahon fell out of the ring, Austin invited McAfee into the ring for a beer. The celebrations were short lived, as McAfee also fell victim to a stunner.

Featured image: WWE

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