Cameron Grimes Wins North American Championship At NXT Stand & Deliver

Cameron Grimes is the new North American Champion following a victory in the ladder match for the title at Stand & Deliver.

In the opening match of the Premium Live Event, Grimes would climb the ladder to grab the championship and defeat former champion Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, Solo Sikioa and Santos Escobar. This victory marks the first time that Cameron Grimes has held the North American Championship.

Following the usual format of NXT multi-person ladder matches, multiple feats of athleticism and dives from the ladder were seen throughout the match. Grimes would hit the Cave-In on Escobar at the end of the match to neutralise the star and climb the ladder to grab the title.

This is Cameron Grimes’ second championship reign in WWE. Grimes is a former Million Dollar Champion, which was won when he defeated LA Knight for the title at TakeOver 36. The Million Dollar Championship was deactivated shortly afterwards.

Featured image: Cameron Grimes Twitter

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