Triple H States There Were WrestleMania 38 Plans For Him

Triple H has stated that talks did take place to have him wrestle at WrestleMania 38. However, due to The Game retiring from in-ring competition, this will now not be taking place.

Triple H recently sat down with Stephen A. Smith for an interview that covered a variety of topics, including the announcement that The King of Kings will not be having another match ever again due to health reasons. When asked about one more match in WWE, Triple H said that he was done competing. While The Game was content with his in-ring career coming to an end, there were conversations about a possible match at WrestleMania 38:

“I was already at a place in my career, as far as the in-ring goes, where I was comfortable being done and finished. If the right thing came along, I hadn’t really said much, but if the right thing came along and they wanted me to do it…I had a conversation with Vince McMahon about doing something at WrestleMania this year in Dallas. We had talked about and there were plans for. Obviously, when this happened, it shut all that down. As far as the schedule, WWE is an intense place, it’s 24/7 and you’re running, running, running. It put things in perspective for me,” 

Triple H has competed in 22 WrestleMania matches overall, with the entrances alone being a highlight of the event. The 14 time World Champion’s final match on the grandest stage was in 2019 against former Evolution partner Batista in a no holds barred match at WrestleMania 35. Triple H would be victorious in what would also be Batista’s final match in WWE.

The full interview can be found below:

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcription.

Featured image: The Sportster

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