Hulk Hogan Says Jinder Mahal Could Be The Next Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has given his endorsement to Jinder Mahal and has stated that Mahal could be “the new generation Hulk Hogan.”

The WWE Hall of Famer recently uploaded a picture to his Instagram page featuring the Modern Day Maharaja with Hogan at Hulk Hogan’s beach shop. The caption includes the endorsement of Mahal by Hogan.

Jinder Mahal currently has 4 championship reigns as part of his WWE career. Mahal is a 1 time WWE Champion, 1 time United States Champion and 2 time 24/7 Champion. While Hulk Hogan is known for big moments at WrestleMania, Mahal is not currently scheduled to be a part of the most stupendous 2 night WrestleMania in history. Jinder Mahal will instead be a part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the April 1st edition of SmackDown.

Featured image: Bleacher Report

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