Veer Mahaan’s WWE Debut Date Announced

WWE have finally announced when Veer Mahaan will be seen in front of a live crowd.

On the March 21st edition of Raw, a vignette promoting Mahaan’s arrival aired. However, unlike most previous videos, which ended with a “coming soon” graphic, a date was announced during the promotional video. Veer will be at Raw on April 4th, which is the Raw after WrestleMania.

The series of vignettes promoting Veer Mahaan coming to Raw have been airing for a number of months, with the first airing back in October 2021. It was reported earlier in the year that WWE had no plans or air date for the Raw superstar when the videos started to air.

While not seen on the main roster, Veer Mahaan has competed in multiple matches on Main Event to prepare for the arrival.

Featured image: WWE

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