Thunder Rosa Wins AEW Women’s Championship

Thunder Rosa defeated Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. on AEW Dynamite to become the new AEW Women’s Champion.

The match took place in the main event of the St. Patrick’s Day Slam special edition of Dynamite on March 16th in a steel cage match. This match took place one year after the unsanctioned match between Rosa and Baker took place. Both women would return to the violent tactics of one year ago, including Baker hitting an air raid crash onto Rosa on multiple chairs on the floor.

Despite executing the move from the top rope, Baker was unable to capitalise, as the referee was bumped earlier in the match. Aubrey Edwards sprinted to the ring, but Baker was only able to get a 2 count. Britt Baker would once again set Thunder Rosa up in the corner, but this time the pile of chairs below was upright. Rosa would counter this and smash Baker’s head into the steel cage, with the now former women’s champion crashing through the chair pile, also only getting a 2 count.

Britt Baker would roll to the outside and bring in a bag of thumbtacks to the ring, eventually dropping Rosa into the tacks, but this would not be enough for the victory. Rosa would later return fire by powerbombing Baker onto the tacks, but Baker rolled to the outside. The closing moment of the match would see Thunder Rosa hit a Fire Thunder Driver to be victorious. Confetti would rain from the ceiling as Rosa celebrated in front of her hometown fans.

Featured image: Sports Rush

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