Seth Rollins Stomps A Leprechaun On The Tonight Show

Seth Rollins made a cameo appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, delivering a stomp to a leprechaun on the show.

Rollins appeared during the audience suggestion box segment of the show. One of the ideas in the box was to combine St. Patrick’s Day with WWE. Jimmy Fallon then said that this combination could happen and introduced Rollins. The Visionary would walk out onto the stage to his music and asked for the pot of gold from the leprechaun. Rollins would then hit the leprechaun in the midsection with the gold before delivering the stomp. The former WWE Champion would then exit the stage to the applause of the live audience.

Seth Rollins currently has no match set for WrestleMania. Rollins recently tried to defeat Kevin Owens to earn the right to interview “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, but was unsuccessful on the March 14th edition of Monday Night Raw.

Featured image: Sportskeeda

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