Joey Janela Will Not Be Re-Signing With AEW

AEW star Joey Janela has confirmed that he will not be re-signing with the company.

Janela recently gave an interview to Denise Salcedo where he confirmed when the current contract expires and has also stated that a new contract with All Elite Wrestling will not be signed:

“I said in a couple interviews with Sean {Ross Sapp} in September that All Out weekend, I said ‘yes.’ Recently, in an interview with Barstool Sports I said ‘yes’. My contract is up on May 1st {2022}. And I am gonna have to say no now. I am not interested in signing with AEW. Re-signing with them,” 

Joey Janela was one of the first signings to All Elite Wrestling when the company formed in 2019, and was placed into a number of high profile matches. Arguably the biggest match of Janela’s AEW run was the non-sanctioned match against Jon Moxley at AEW Fyter Fest.

While Janela was a prominent feature in the early days of the promotion, The Bad Boy has not been on Dynamite in a number of months. Janela was last seen on AEW TV since January 2022 on an episode of AEW Dark. When talking about his time in AEW, Joey Janela has stated that there are no hard feelings following the decision not to re-sign:

“I am happy and I am satisfied with what I did in those 3 years in AEW. It was a learning experience, and I am gonna say this in the most positive way possible without looking negative. Those three years with AEW was developmental for the rest of my career. I am so much sharper now, not only in-ring but business wise, I’ve learned so much in those three years. Now not only am I sharper myself, in all facets of the wrestling business, but also I can go to a young guy, I could go to a Nick Wayne and teach him stuff, of the stuff that I’ve learned in those three years. Or I can go to GCW or I can go to another promotion and teach them what I’ve learned on the other side of the curtain. I am not sad at all. I did everything I wanted to do there. Within the 6 months I started there, my goal was to wrestle Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, main event TV, main event pay-per-view. Did it all. The only thing I didn’t get was an action figure. So be it. It’s over now and we’re just moving forward. I have no complaints, I thank Tony {Khan}.”

Following the AEW departure, Joey Janela will be focusing on his independent dates. Janela is a well established name on the independent wrestling scene, with his Spring Break pay-per-view, which is in partnership with GCW, due to host the 6th edition over WrestleMania week. Janela will be facing WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac on the show.

The full interview can be found below:

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: Post Wrestling

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