Edge Debuts New Alter Bridge Entrance Theme

WWE Hall of Famer Edge came to the ring with new music on the March 14th edition of Monday Night Raw.

The Rated R Superstar came out to the Alter Bridge song “The Other Side.” Alter Bridge are the same band that wrote the song “Metalingus” which has been used by Edge since 2005. The Metalingus theme is a favourite amongst the WWE Universe, with many ranking it as one of the greatest entrance themes in WWE history. Alter Bridge have acknowledged the changed on social media:

Edge used the theme along with a new, darker persona to promote the upcoming match with AJ Styles. The WWE Hall of Famer turned heel shortly after Styles accepted the challenge for WrestleMania. During the segment where the match was made official, Edge would brutally attack AJ Styles, ending with multiple con-chair-to shots to the phenomenal one.

The new theme can be heard in full below:

Featured image: CBS

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