William Regal Signs With All Elite Wrestling

William Regal has signed with AEW. The former WWE superstar and NXT General Manager made the surprise debut at the Revolution pay-per-view.

During Revolution, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson battled in a brutal match. Moxley would reverse one of Danielson’s submissions to pick up the pinfall victory. However, both Danielson and Moxley were not done with each other. A post-match brawl broke out between both men, with multiple officials attempting to break up the altercation. This then brought out William Regal unannounced and with no music, much to the shock of the crowd in attendance.

Regal managed to get the situation under control, forcing Moxley and Danielson to reconcile and shake hands.

William Regal has a lengthy career in the wrestling business, capturing multiple championships in WCW and WWE. Most recently, Regal has been best known as the General Manager of NXT, a position held since 2014. In January 2022, William Regal was announced amongst multiple other names in NXT as being released by WWE.

AEW President Tony Khan confirmed the signing of William Regal to the promotion by posting the All Elite graphic on social media:

Featured image: AEW

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