Tony Khan Expands On William Regal’s Role In AEW

Tony Khan has given further insight as to what role William Regal will play in All Elite Wrestling. At the Revolution pay-per-view, Regal made a surprise appearance to break up the post-match altercation between Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, who had just finished a bloody battle that saw Moxley be victorious.

Tony Khan took part in the post-show media scrum. When asked about the news that William Regal was available following the WWE release, Khan said the following:

“It was very surprising to see he had been released and would be available,” Tony explained. “I have tons of respect for his mind and I think he’s going to be a very valuable person in AEW. Obviously, people who follow his career closely know that he has a very long-established connection with Bryan Danielson and was instrumental in shaping the pro wrestler that Danielson has become and he is one of the greatest pro wrestlers today and all time. Regal had a big contribution to that. When he was released, I was very surprised, but also eager to bring him here.”

In a follow-up quote, Tony Khan went on to say that Regal will be potentially seen in an on-screen role as well as in a behind the scenes capacity moving forward:

“I think he can contribute on-screen in a major way to Danielson and he has a history with Jon Moxley. Some of the last matches we saw Regal wrestle were against Moxley and they had a great rivalry. He’s very familiar with both men and they have a lot of respect for him. We say that after the violence and the way they bled together. They built a lot of mutual respect with each other and that’s very exciting. Also, behind the scenes, I think Regal can teach all of us a lot and it’s great to have him here, on-screen and off-screen. It came together very recently and he fits very well with what we’re doing,” 

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: Fightful

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