Ricochet Defeats Sami Zayn To Win The Intercontinental Championship

Ricochet is the new Intercontinental Champion following a victory over Sami Zayn on the March 4th episode of SmackDown.

Ricochet captured the title with the help of Jackass star Johnny Knoxville. Zayn appeared to have the upper hand in the match until the theme music to Jackass played in the arena. Knoxville came to ringside to distract Zayn, complete with a t-shirt saying “Sami Zayn Intercontinental Chump.” The distraction was enough for Ricochet to hit a hurricanrana to pick up the victory.

Following Sami Zayn losing the Intercontinental Championship, Zayn was furious. Later in the show, Zayn challenged Knoxville to a match at WrestleMania, to which the actor accepted.

This victory is Ricochet’s second championship whilst being on the main roster. Ricochet is also a former United States Champion in his time in WWE.

Featured image: F4W Online

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