Tony Khan Announces Ring Of Honor Purchase

All Elite Wrestling president Tony Khan has announced that he has purchased the Ring of Honor wrestling promotion.

It was announced ahead of the March 2nd Dynamite that Khan had a huge announcement that would be revealed on the show. Tony Schiavone introduced Khan in the opening segment of the show, where the news was made regarding the ROH purchase.

An update on the deal was revealed during a press release posted to Tony Khan’s social media. The press release reveals that Khan has acquired the assets to ROH, which includes the promotion’s video library, brand assets, intellectual property, production equipment and more:

Ring of Honor was praised for their actions during the pandemic. Unlike other major promotions, ROH made the decision to not hold any shows, prioritising the safety of their employees over the continuation of the promotion on-screen. However, with no shows taking place, Ring of Honor had no cash coming in from TV deals or live events. As a result, in October 2021 it was announced that ROH would be going on an indefinite hiatus. While one-off shows were announced, the long-term future of the product looked in doubt.

Multiple former Ring of Honor stars are now some of the top names in AEW, such as Adam Cole and CM Punk. The first match of the March 2nd Dynamite saw a rematch from one of the ever Ring of Honor show as Bryan Danielson faced Christopher Daniels.

Featured image: Wrestling News

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