Brock Lesnar Reportedly Went Off-Script At Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar reportedly improvised a spot during the Elimination Chamber match. The spot in question is where Lesnar smashed open his chamber pod to gain early entry into the match, which can be seen in the clip below:

In a report published by PWInsider, Mike Johnson has stated that sources in WWE have said that Brock Lesnar went off script in regards to the early entry into the Elimination Chamber:

“Brock Lesnar smashed through a legitimate Elimination Chamber door to enter the EC match and we are told that was not a planned spot.”

The match was started by Austin Theory and Seth Rollins. Early in the match, a spot took place in which Rollins would powerbomb Theory into one of the chamber pods, which was occupied by Bobby Lashley. The All Mighty looked rocked following the bump and was evacuated from his pod by WWE Officials and was taken to the back. It was later stated by commentary and by WWE that Lashley was taken away to be analysed for a concussion. It should be noted that this appears to be a storyline explanation and no reports have come to light that the former WWE Champion has received a concussion.

Later in the match, the countdown for the 5th man to enter the Elimination Chamber took place, which was supposed to be Bobby Lashley. Instead of waiting a further 5 minutes, Lesnar decided to take matters into his own hands and kicked open the pod. Brock Lesnar would go on to dominate the match and become the new WWE Champion. As a result of this, Lesnar will be facing Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a winner take all match at WrestleMania 38.

Featured image: Sports Lumo

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