Why Jon Moxley Vs. Brian Kendrick Did Not Take Place

The planned match between Jon Moxley and Brian Kendrick did not take place on the February 2nd edition of Dynamite due to comments made in the past by Kendrick.

Brian Kendrick was originally due to face Jon Moxley in Kendrick’s debut match for the company. However, following the announcement, controversial comments made in the past by Brian Kendrick surfaced online. The statements made by the former WWE star include controversial views on the Holocaust and Sandy Hook school shootings. The views and comments can be found here.

In a statement on social media, AEW president Tony Khan stated that the comments made by Brian Kendrick are unacceptable, and would not be competing on Dynamite.

It was announced that Wheeler Yuta would be the replacement for Brian Kendrick. Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta opened the February 2nd episode of Dynamite, in which Moxley was victorious.

Brian Kendrick has also commented on the news. The former Cruiserweight Champion has apologised for the comments made.

No announcement has been made as to whether Brian Kendrick will be seen on a future episode of AEW Dynamite. Features of Wrestling will provide any updates if/when they become available.

Featured image: AEW

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