CM Punk Suffers First AEW Loss On Dynamite

CM Punk has lost a match for the first time since joining AEW. Punk lost to MJF in the main event of the February 2nd episode of Dynamite, which took place in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

The rivalry between MJF and CM Punk has been building for a number of weeks, with both men taking personal shots at the other in promo battles. Punk would build his way to the leader of The Pinnacle faction by going through the other members of the group in Shawn Spears, Wardlow and FTR.

The match quickly descended into chaos, as both men would brawl into the crowd. Referee Bryce Remsburg did not start to count following the ring exit, not wanting to count out both men and have the match end in a draw.

MJF chocked out CM Punk with a sleeper hold, which was assisted by wrist tape. Punk tried to counter with a GTS, but faded into unconsciousness, giving MJF the victory. Following Bryce Remsburg raising the hand of MJF, the tape fell to the floor, exposing the cheating tactics of MJF. The referee then made the decision to restart the match.

Upon the restart, CM Punk came back with an offensive flurry, which descended in frequent pinfall and submission attempts by both men. The ending of the match saw Wardlow come down the entrance ramp, looking conflicted as to what to do next. Mr Mayhem came face to face with Punk, but then walked away. The distraction was enough for MJF to hit CM Punk with the diamond ring and get the pinfall victory.

CM Punk returned to wrestling back in August 2021 with a shock signing to All Elite Wrestling. The Best in the World came out to one of loudest crowd reactions in recently memory, and would go on to defeat Darby Allin in a return match at the All Out pay-per-view. Following the loss to MJF, CM Punk’s win loss record in All Elite Wrestling now stands at 11-1.

Featured image: WrestleZone

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