Elvis Impersonator Recalls Birthday Surprise For Vince McMahon

Elvis impersonator Brendan Paul has recounted the events that lead to an impromptu birthday celebration for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The birthday celebration segment, which took place on the August 24th episode of Raw, saw DX members Triple H and Shawn Michaels surprise McMahon with a Vegas themed birthday celebration, complete with showgirls and Brendan Paul as Elvis to sing happy birthday.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Brendan Paul has admitted that Vince McMahon was completely unaware of the surprise, with the events being orchestrated by Stephanie McMahon:

“An agency called me and said that Stephanie wants to surprise her dad. I got to the Thomas & Mack and they kept me hidden, it was a big surprise. We go down this hall and you can’t go to the bathroom, you have to stay here and we will escort you if you need to know, we don’t want him to see anything. They brought him into the ring and I think 10 showgirls got in the ring and it was awesome. When I walked in, they are playing Elvis music and I’ve been hidden in this room. I go around the corner and it’s like a rock concert. I didn’t realize that wrestling was on that level, the arena was packed. To this day people go ‘Elvis can I get a picture? Were you the guy on Monday Night Raw?’ I’m like yeah and they go ‘Dude! High Five!’ So I walk out and people are going crazy, they said to me ‘When you go out, the ring is a little soft.’ The showgirls are there and they are sinking like it’s a mattress.”

As seen during the Raw segment, Vince McMahon was not impressed with his birthday being acknowledged. While Brendan Paul tried to go all in with the celebrations, McMahon was not as willing to participate:

“But it was awesome, I gave him [Vince] my glasses, he took them off and stepped on them but hey that’s kind of cool. It was nice that Stephanie had arranged that surprise, but when I got in the ring he looked so embarrassed. Too late to back down now.”  

The August 24th 2009 episode of Raw ended with a 6 man tag team match as Vince McMahon teamed with DX to face the legacy faction. McMahon picked up the pinfall victory on his 64th birthday.

Featured image: Metro

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