Reported Update On Veer’s WWE Arrival

An update of when Veer will arrive on Raw has been reported. The WWE star has seen multiple “Coming soon” vignettes air on Raw, with the initial promotion of the repackaged star airing as far back as October 2021.

Many online have poked fun at WWE’s creative team in regards to these promotional videos, as there appears to be no plan for the Raw star moving forward. This is becasue not only have the vignettes been pretty much the same since 2021, there is still yet to be an official arrival date for Veer on the red brand.

In a report published by PWInsider, who have spoke to multiple creative sources within WWE, there are still no plans to debut Veer on main roster television any time soon. As 30 superstars are required for the Royal Rumble match, it had been assumed that Veer may make his main roster debut in the iconic match. However, the report states the following:

“We are told that as of today, there are zero plans for Veer in the Rumble.  Unless there is a last second change, he is not currently even planned to appear on the show, much less the Rumble match.

Veer was seen on WWE TV back in 2021 in a stable with Jinder Mahal and Shanky. In the October 2021 draft, Veer was drafted to Raw, while Mahal and Shanky were drafted to SmackDown. While Veer has not been seen on main roster television since, he has been frequently competing on the WWE show Main Event.

Featured image: Wrestling Inc.

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