Stipulation Added To Universal Title Match At Royal Rumble

The Universal Championship match between champion Roman Reigns and challenger Seth Rollins has had a stipulation added following the events that took place on the January 21st edition of SmackDown.

In an opening promo battle between Reigns and Rollins, The Visionary challenged The Usos to a match in the main event. Rollins then added the stipulation that if he were to win, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions would be banned from ringside at the Royal Rumble title match. The Usos accepted the terms, stating no one wants to team with Seth Rollins. This then brought out Kevin Owens, who agreed to team with Rollins later in the show. This made Roman Reigns raise the stakes even further, adding that if The Usos won, the Universal Championship match at the Rumble would be off. Both Owens and Rollins agreed to these conditions.

The high stakes tag team match took place at the end of SmackDown. It looked like Seth Rollins was about to win the match following a stomp to Jimmy Uso. However, Roman Reigns then entered the ring and hit a Superman Punch onto Rollins. This caused the match to end via disqualification.

As Rollins and Owens won the match via DQ, The Usos will be banned from ringside at the Royal Rumble, making the contest one on one.

Featured image: Sportskeeda

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