WWE Reportedly Interested In AEW Star Wardlow

WWE are reportedly interested in signing AEW star Wardlow. This claim has been reported by the Twitter account WrestleVotes, who previously have had a good track record with backstage reporting. The social media update can be found below:

Wardlow has been a mainstay on AEW TV since 2019. Most notably, the AEW star has been seen alongside MJF, aiding Maxwell in picking up victories and getting involved when MJF does not want to.

In recent weeks, Wardlow has been making more of an induvial name for himself. The Pinnacle member has been competing in squash matches over multiple weeks. The structure of these matches sees Wardlow hit multiple powerbombs onto the opponent before picking up the pinfall victory.

If WWE being a big fan of Wardlow’s potential, it will be interesting to see if he decides to move brands upon the expiration of his AEW contract. While many big names have left WWE either voluntarily or released, and have then gone to AEW, there has yet to be a big name go the other way. It should also be noted that in MJF’s promos, he keeps referencing that he will be creating a “Bidding war in 2024.” Referencing both WWE and AEW competing for Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Arguably, Wardlow’s biggest AEW match to date will be taking place on the January 12th Dynamite, as he will be facing CM Punk in singles action. Click here to see everything announced for the January 12th edition of Dynamite.

Featured image: Daily DDT

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