Multiple NXT Talent Released By WWE

Multiple NXT superstars, producers and backstage personnel were released by WWE. While no official announcements were made by WWE themselves, the news of the releases was broken gradually throughout the night by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful. The releases are as follows:

  • William Regal
  • Timothy Thatcher
  • “Road Dogg” Jesse James
  • Ryan Katz
  • Chris Guy AKA Ace Steel – WWE Coach.
  • Dave Kapoor aka Ranjin Singh, who managed The Great Khali.
  • NXT creative producer Ryan Katz
  • WWE Official Scott Armstrong
  • Writer George Carroll
  • Danny Burch
  • Cathy Corino/Allison Danger
  • Hideki Suzuki of The Diamond Mine.

While WWE did not confirm individual releases, a statement was issued regarding the reason behind the cuts. The statement reads as follows:

As is the case with NXT releases, it is believed that all talent on the above list will have a 30 day no-compete clause as a result of the release, meaning that the earliest that they can compete will be February 5th 2022.

William Regal is one of the most surprising names to appear on this list. The former European Champion has been a part of WWE since 2000. In regards to NXT, Regal was made the General Manager of the black and gold brand in 2014. Former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano posted the following as a thank you to the former NXT GM.

Featured image: Wrestling

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