WWE Announces Drew McIntyre Injury

WWE have announced an injury to Drew McIntyre. The former WWE Champion was seen competing at the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view, where McIntyre was victorious over Madcap Moss.

Later in the show, Drew McIntyre was seen walking backstage, where he was blindsided by Moss and Happy Corbin. The ending of the segment saw a chair wrapped around the neck of The Scottish Warrior, followed by a piece of the set sent crashing into the chair.

In a post on WWE’s social media, it has been announced that Drew McIntyre has suffered a cervical neck strain with severe contusions. As a result of this, McIntyre is due to have a follow-up evaluation with an orthopaedic cervical specialist.

This injury is reportedly a legitimate one, as opposed to being part of a storyline. As reported by PWInsider, Drew McIntyre has been having legitimate neck issues recently, which will require further medical testing. The report also states that WWE chose to shoot this angle to be proactive about the situation.

There is no timeframe for the return of the WWE superstar. However, one source in the report has stated that it is “Up in the air” as to how long Drew will be out for until he is checked out. The report ends with the news that McIntyre left the event wearing a neck brace.

Features of Wrestling will post more updates when they become available and would like to wish Drew McIntyre a full and speedy recovery at this time.

Featured image: Wrestle Zone

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