Cody Rhodes Shows Scorched Back Following Flaming Table Bump

Cody Rhodes has revealed the after effects following a fall through a flaming table. As seen on AEW’s social media, Rhode’s back has been described as “Scarred and scorched” following the bump that occurred on Dynamite.

The main event of the December 1st edition of the show saw Cody face Andrade El Idolo in an Atlanta Street Fight. The match saw multiple weapon spots take place and Cody busted open during the contest.

The closing moments of the match saw both Andrade and Cody fighting on the corner with a set up table behind them. A masked figure then snuck into the ring, who was revealed to be Brandi Rhodes. Brandi then covered the table in lighter fluid and ignited the table.

While Cody Rhodes executed the reverse DDT onto Andrade El Idolo, The American Nightmare took most of the damage. Cody landed back first onto the ignited table. The former TNT Champion was still on fire when he covered El Idolo to win the match.

Despite the skin damage that took place to Rhodes, both men appear to be ok following the match, with no injury reports surfacing following the street fight. Shortly before Dynamite was aired, the date for the AEW Championship match between “Hangman” Adam Page and Bryan Danielson has been set.

Featured image: Wrestling Headlines

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