Big Swole Announces AEW Departure

AEW star Big Swole has announced her departure from All Elite Wrestling. In a statement on social media, Big Swole has stated that she will not be renewing her contract with the company. The departure was a mutual agreement between both Big Swole and AEW:

Big Swole was one of the original signings for AEW, having joined the company in its inception in late 2019. One of the most notable feuds for Big Swole while being with the company as against Britt Baker. The rivalry culminated at the 2020 All Out pay-per-view, where Baker was defeated by Swole in a Tooth and Nail match, which was a cinematic match that took place inside of a dental practice.

Big Swole was absent from AEW television during March 2021. The reason behind this absence was a battle with Crohn’s Disease, a topic mad public by Swole herself. Her final appearance for the promotion took place on the September 11th episode of AEW Dark, in which Big Swole defeated Allie Katch.

As noted in the statement by Big Swole, the reason for the departure was a mutual decision to not renew a contract with AEW. It is also believed that other AEW originals may also be coming to the end of their current deals, meaning that contracts will be negotiated in the near future. One act who have decided to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling are The Young Bucks, who will stay with AEW until 2024 at least.

Featured image: TPWW

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