Bayley Gives Injury Update

Bayley has provided an update on her road to recovery. The former Grand Slam Women’s Champion in WWE has posted a photo on social media, where The Role Model is seen walking on crutches in an empty alleyway:

Bayley suffered an injury during a training session as part of WWE’s preparation to return to the road and perform in front of live audiences. It was reported back in July that the injury had occurred, with WWE themselves stating that the length of absence would be approximately 9 months. If this time window is correct, Bayley is due to return to the ring at some point in March 2022.

While WWE themselves only reported the injury took place and the length of time off, Fightful Select followed up this report by stating that the injury was a torn ACL.

Many have stated that Bayley’s work was some of the best of her career and of the main roster during the no fans era in 2020 and 2021. One of the best matches from The Role Model saw an old rival reignited as Bayley and Sasha Banks fought inside the Hell in a Cell structure.

Features of Wrestling would once again like to wish Bayley a full and speedy recovery at this time.

Featured image: Metro

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