Becky Lynch Addresses Title Swap Segment & Charlotte Flair’s Comments

Becky Lynch has commented further on the relationship between herself and Charlotte Flair. The Raw Women’s Champion recently appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, where the topic of Flair was discussed at length. Following the October 2021 WWE Draft, both Flair and Lynch were women’s champions, but with the opposing brand’s title, as SmackDown Champion Becky was drafted to Raw, and Raw Champion Charlotte was drafted to Smackdown. To solve this issue, a title swap segment was booked to take place.

At the time, it appeared that the segment appeared to go off-script, with many fans pointing out uncooperative behaviour taking place inside of the ring. Further reports stated that a backstage altercation took place between both women. Becky Lynch has said the following about the segment:

“There was a plan in place that was supposed to go one way and if it went one way, everyone would have had a moment and it would have been great. I, in the back, said, ‘this isn’t going to happen, she’s going to do something else.’ She did exactly what I said she was going to do. Sometimes things can happen out there and people can get carried away in the moment, but I knew she was going to purposefully disrespect me, so I processed it a lot quicker and was able to hold it together until I got backstage and then I lost it a little. I lost it. Verbally. I had to do a dark match after, so I verbally lost it. I didn’t have time to scrap in the back.

“At the end of the day, it wasn’t about me. It was about Sasha (Banks) and her getting into something. ‘What was the need for it? This is stupid.’ We need to go out there and be able to trust each other. We need to trust that one person will do what they said they’re going to do.”

This is not the first time that the trust of Charlotte Flair has been called into question, as Becky has recently stated that she does not trust The Queen, in particular during matches. Flair has recently addressed comments made about her in an interview with BT Sport, where the SmackDown Women’s Champion has claimed that her gender is the reason why she rubs people the wrong way. Lynch however disagreed with this statement, and stated that it is not the case:

Ariel Helwani asked The Man to clarify the social media reply that was sent, and Lynch did not hold back on her reason why:

“it’s because you’re an asshole.”

Becky then went on to say where the friendship started to break down and why Charlotte possibly has started to envy her former best friend:

“My star was rising. We were the best of friends and it all worked when she was on top and I was below. We could all see the way things were going in 2019 and people were really rallying behind me and this turn would put me in a different league and I don’t think she could take that and hasn’t been able to take it. I think it’s affected her work, even now. She is potentially one of the greatest, but I’m so in her head that she’s lost it a bit and has lost a step. She’s got that jealously and that little devil on her shoulder. That devil is me always being one step ahead of her and she doesn’t like that. She thought her birthright was that she is the star. Doesn’t matter that I started wrestling when I was 15 and left home and traveled the world to chase the dream. It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t one of the chosen ones. She was born into this and she deserves it. I think that’s her thinking and we know where she gets that thinking from and she hasn’t been able to take it.”

One example of when Flair appeared to not be able to tolerate the fans was during her match against Rhea Ripley at Money in The Bank 2021. Shortly after the bell, fans started chanting for Becky Lynch, to which Flair responded by flipping off the crowd. While Charlotte has said that the reason behind this was becasue she felt that the fans were disrespecting Rhea Ripley, Lynch has once again states that she felt otherwise:

[The Becky chants] Piss her off so much. I love it. She gave the crowd the finger and said it was because they were disrespecting Rhea. She don’t care about Rhea. It was her own ego.”

Becky and Charlotte are due to collide again at the Survivor Series pay-per-view on Sunday November 21st. One of the best matches between the two champions took place at the Evolution pay-per-view in a Last Woman Standing match.

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: WrestleZone

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