Eddie Kingston Provides Injury Update

Eddie Kingston has provided an update on a reported injury. Following the hard hitting match between Kingston and CM Punk at the Full Gear pay-per-view, it was reported that Eddie picked up an injury at the event. The report stated that the All Elite Wrestling star was due to appear at a convention following Full Gear. However, the hosts of the convention stated that Kingston had contacted them saying he would not be appearing due to a shoulder injury.

In an update posted on social media, Eddie Kingston has said that his shoulders are ok and that he will not be taking any time away from wrestling becasue of this:

The match between Kingston and Punk was one of the more physical matches that took place on Full Gear, which saw Punk getting busted open and both men laying in stiff strikes to one another. The match was won by CM Punk, which means that the straight edge star remains undefeated in AEW matches.

Along with being one of the hardest hitting matches on the Full Gear card, CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston also featured one of the most memorable spots. In reference to one of Punk’s past rivals, an homage to John Cena was seen in the contest, to which CM Punk has commented on.

Featured image: Bleacher Report

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